The philosophy of deyuan enterprise is based on the concept of integrity, innovative development, prosperity and harmony, weaving the future.

Interpretation: based on good faith management, taking science and technology as the lead, innovation as the driving force, achieving customer satisfaction, shareholder benefit, staff rich, enterprise development.

Core ideas create wealth for customers, create opportunities for employees, and create value for society.

Development concept technology, innovation, brand.

Interpretation: always adhere to the science and technology and brand as emphasis of transformation and upgrading of enterprises, innovation and development, enhance the level of science and technology, brand value, the use of modern means of marketing and capital operation, innovative business model, the coordinated development, the traditional textile industry into modern sunrise industry.

The management philosophy is pragmatic, courageous, innovative and efficient.

Business philosophy market orientation, customer first, integrity and win-win.

A wisp of quality, leading international;

With one heart and one mind, the customer is satisfied.

Safety is the safety of management, management lies in responsibility, responsibility lies in implementation.

The talent concept enterprise is people-oriented, and the development takes people first.

Interpretation: adhere to the people-oriented concept, focus on the management, technology and skills of the three teams construction, the establishment of the stage, everyone can become the development platform.

Learning concepts create learning style, build a learning team, and strive to be a learning individual.

Interpretation: strong advocate of continuous learning, all-member learning, team learning and lifelong learning enterprise philosophy, continuous learning, continuous improvement.

The organization concept builds three first-class mechanism.

First-class team: management team, technical team and skill team;

Top level: management level, level of innovation, level of thought, level of knowledge and level of operation;

First-class performance: high efficiency, good effect and great benefit.

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